Quantum Entanglement and Avoiding Accidentally Identical: #30folds30days, Day 28, Double Straight Fold

Scientists recently conducted an experiment where through a series of lasers, prisms, and mirrors, they were able to take two separate particles and make them entangled so that any action on one, would transmit this action through space time to the other particle. It has to do with complicated quantum mechanics, and quantum entanglement, and my explanation is incredibly dumbed down. However, scientists can create particles floating in the universe that are entangled with each other regardless of physical location.

There are a number of applications for this entanglement including computing, communications, and cryptology. But just think about that for a moment. There are two objects, hopelessly intertwined with one another. Mirroring each other in some way. Now, while this has only been shown in tiny particles and photons, who’s to say the same doesn’t ring true among people. Who’s to say there aren’t particles of ourselves that strike the same frequency and become entangled for a time. The idea of soulmates, or the instant bonding with a new friend you feel like you’ve known forever.

Sometimes, there are two guys browsing the same rack at Nordstrom’s and pick up the same shirt, bring it to the front of the store, and buy in on a bright sunny day for a party they both happen to be going to. Entangled indeed.

Men’s style is basically small deviations from each other anyways. We all walk the streets in navy blue suits of slightly differing cuts and fits, with silk pieces of fabric dangling from our necks and popping from our breast pockets to distinguish ourselves. Two women wearing the same outfit is embarrassing, and often leads to questions of who wore it better. Two guys may be a bit more collegial or nonchalant about it, but it can still be embarrassing for some of us.


For both men and women, there is some sense of mystery around clothes. “Where did you get that shirt?” someone might ask. Wearing something identical to another person takes away that mystery, because it’s so readily available that two people happen to be wearing it at the same time. We’ve talked about how style is meant to express a person, and especially in America, we all like to be seen as individuals, and to express that in our dress. Wearing the same J Crew shirt as someone else shoots that right in the head.

So how do you avoid that?

Go Bold

When you go into a store, there are staples. There are items that are safe and conservative. If you want to avoid wearing a matching item to another person, instead of buying the safe or conservative choice, go for something more bold in mainstream shops. Get the noisier pattern, the stronger stripe, the checkier plaid. I’m not saying wear things that don’t look good on you. Instead, if you have a choice between blue and purple, and they both look equally good on you, go with the purple. Take the road less traveled, because this is one road, where it’s better to be alone.

Vintage, Boutique, and Sample Sales

If you want to avoid having the same things as other people, shop vintage thrift stores, Goodwill, and other consignment shops. Hell even flea markets. Look for original pieces, classics, and things that can translate well to contemporary fashion. Everything is cyclical, I guarantee there are some great shirts from a few decades ago, that if they were well taken care of would fit in today.

Also, shopping Boutiques and unique shops help as well. Stores with a few locations are just not producing that much volume. Finding a favorite local designer and maker is not only fulfilling, because you’re supporting community businesses, but it also pretty much guarantees that you won’t have the same thing on as Joe from Accounting. The downside to this is that it’s going to likely be more expensive.

Sample sales of designers are also a good source for unique clothes. While often “last years” styles, they are pretty frequently unique pieces you’re not likely to see elsewhere. Or you can just be a total baller and buy really expensive brand names at the higher end stores. But, if you can afford to do that, then you probably hang out in the types of places where other people can too. So, there’s no guarantee that Baldwin from the Finance Department isn’t going to have the same idea you do, and the only thing worse than being caught with two identical shirts from Banana Republic, is being caught in two identical shirts from Burberry.

Accessorize and Layer

The best way to avoid being identical to someone, or at the very least looking better than the other person wearing the shirt, is to accessorize. It is a rare day that I don’t have some form of accessory that accompanies my shirt. Tie, bow tie, heck even a bolo tie. Wear something that sets your outfit apart.

Also, if you layer, it helps to distinguish yourself as well.  I almost always have on a blazer, casual jacket, or sweater even on the weekends. While it is summer, and hot as hell, most places are air conditioned, often to about 62 degrees, so having layers on is not always the craziest thing. It’s also incentive to invest in linen and cotton suits, jackets, and blazers. You feel pretty wise while watching your business colleagues sweat in their “all season” wool, while you’re comfortable in a tasteful cotton-linen blend suit.

So, that’s my tips for making sure you don’t end up entangled. But, if you happen to bump into your buddy and enter a state of quantum entanglement, mirroring each others every movement in a mind boggling display of synchronicity and the incalculable nature of the universe, I can’t help you.

Today’s fold is a double straight fold. Like a Presidential or TV fold, but twice as nice! It creates some nice volume with silk folds and can look sharp with cotton as well. If you’re using a smaller square I’d recommend ironing it on step 7, to keep it in place.

1. Start with your square. A larger one is probably better.


2. You’re trying to make the square fit comfortably into the pocket so there’s no pinching on the edges of your breast pocket. For me, that means a little more than 1/6th of the square. Fourths are too big, and eighths are too small.


3. Fold again here.


4. Fold it back into itself, not in half, but most of the way. IMG_1637

5. Fold it over on the side with the seam. Fold it more than half way over, as you’re going to need more fabric on one side.


6. Fold the end back up, leaving about a 1/12 to 2 inch layer of fabric on the top. IMG_1639

7. Fold down, exposing about 1/2 to 1/4 inch of fabric, creating your two levels. Here is where you iron if desired, or if the fold is popping out of place easily.


8. Place into your pocket and arrange.


That’s it. Questions: seamus@smkstyle.com

One thought on “Quantum Entanglement and Avoiding Accidentally Identical: #30folds30days, Day 28, Double Straight Fold

  1. I would like to use your first picture showing entanglement in a book. Do you have the copyright of this image? If yes, do you give your permission to use it?

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