Perfectly Imperfect: The Tie Dimple

There is nothing better than a smile on the face of a woman you love. Not simply because she’s beautiful, but because you have seen it so many times and you know the imperfections. The dimples, birthmarks, the slightly crooked mouth, the little crease on one side of the eyes but not the other. And these small imperfections don’t take away from the beauty of the smile. If a face had no creases, marks, or oddities, if it was perfect, it wouldn’t be as beautiful. Everyone has imperfections, as humans we are supposed to. It gives us texture. Otherwise, we’d be robots.

I’m all too familiar with chasing the trap of perfect. Making efforts to never be wrong, and trying to take out every crease from myself. That life is exhausting. A life of imperfection is full and connected. It is accepted that everyone has faults and flaws and that is what makes each of us the wonderful beings we are.

And so it is with style. The person who is too well put together, without a crease, or an imperfection, creates a feeling of unease. While every man should make an effort to be polished in his look, there needs to be caution that there are not too many straight lines. Not too much pressed out so that there is no texture.

Which brings us to the tie dimple. A small step, but one that creates that slight imperfection that makes everything come together that much better.

For those who are unaware, the tie dimple is an intentional imperfection in the tying of a tie, wherein the fabric is pinched around the knot of the tie creating a dimple. It is an imperfection, but one that adds to the look of the overall outfit. A straight tie knot looks out of place, and a misplaced dimple looks just messy. But I will tell you the secret I just discovered so you can escape the years of envy I experienced looking at other men with their dimples and wondering: “How can I have that perfectly imperfect tie dimple?”

All you need is a little finger. While, apparently there are in fact patented tools to assist every man in dimpling a tie, I can assure you, that it is neither that serious, nor that complicated. Plus, again, we are attempting to NOT look so perfectly put together.

So, how do you do it? When you’re tying your tie knot, and it’s still loose, this is the time to strike.


At this point, you place your finger into the tie hole like so below. It doesn’t matter what knot you’re tying, whether it be four in hand, a full- or half-windsor, it works for all. As you pull down with your finger, imagine that you’re making an “M” with the fabric of your tie.


Pull down and tighten the knot, creating the dimple, as your finger comes out of the hole, your dimple should be created.


Pinch the base of your knot to further press in the dimple, then tighten.


Viola, a perfectly imperfect tie dimple every time. Like I said, the goal is to create the dimple. Try not to make it too perfect. When you’re tying it, imagine roguishly talking to a beautiful woman, or sauntering into your bosses office and asking for a raise. Your dimple should come out just right, and you’ll be looking fly. No more staring longingly on the train at the guys with their dimples and fine silk ties. Now you too can look as classy as anyone.


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