Sweater Weather: Thoughts on Fall

As anyone that knows me will tell you with a strong eyeroll, I am a hardy new englander. Which means that this is my time. The weather is turning cold, and it is officially fall. Even though Pumpkin Spice everything has been around since August, in my mind Fall begins in October and not before. And only in the past week or so has it really felt like fall. Sweater weather, as The Neighbourhood would say.

And that means a lot of things. First, apples. Apple everything. I will tell myself that I will go apple picking, but then it’ll be November and I’ll be desperately looking for an orchard that’s still doing pick your own.

It also means the reintroduction of layers, and a greater degree of comfort for those of us who insist on wearing a jacket in nearly every situation. Now, as a hardy new englander I have a comfort zone of temperature from about 40 degrees to 80 degrees, where as long as my skin is covered, I’m okay.

But layering is really one of the very best, and foundational parts of men’s style, and fall is the best time to experiment with it. You will likely need a ton of layers, while not always needing the functionality of a coat that keeps you from freezing your butt off. Also, if you’re dating, it makes it much easier to give her (or him) your coat. A few points to highlight for fall.

Canadian Tuxedos are back

First, I’m going to make the bold proclamation and say that Denim Jackets and Canadian Tuxedos are back. The best way to pair denim with denim is to mix it up. Try not to have your denim match. I prefer darker denim generally, but a lighter denim works as well. Also, don’t be afraid to dress it up a bit. Rock a casual tie with your denim. If you really want to go for it, wear jeans, denim jacket, and denim tie with a white shirt. I’d advise a colorful tie bar, shoes, sunglasses or other accessory to break it up, but I’ll be rocking that this fall myself. Below is Ryan Gossling makes double dark denim look good. Not that he ever looks bad.

Camouflage is Dead, long live Camouflage

They say that there is a fine line between trendy and tacky, and camouflage is precipitously poised to tip in one direction right now.  Personally, I really dig it, and have been trying to get a pair of skinny camo chinos since 2011. But it is now everywhere, sort of like leopard print for women a few years ago. I’m going to continue to rock my camo tie for many years to come, but if you’re going to wear it just accept that it’s not that hip anymore.

Sweater Jackets, Vests, and Blazers

If you do not yet have yourself a sweater jacket or a vest, go get one now. There’s a fine line between a cardigan and a sweater jacket, but I would reccomend getting both. Personally, I love a nice shawl collar cardigan/sweater jacket. First, they’re incredibly versatile. The image below is a bit much on the english gentleman with the newsboy cap, but it captures the idea of a sweater jacket.

As far as vests go, I’d reccomend both sweater vests in neutral fall colors, and a tweed vest. The vest works wonders with a blue blazer and chinos, and can be both formal, and casual. One of my favorite outfits is the vest with jeans, boots, and a giant honking belt buckle to try to channel my inner cowboy.

Don’t be afraid to layer like crazy either. Sweaters under suits, denim jackets under other jackets, and the sweater jacket under a zip up vest and blazer if you really want to go crazy with the layers. I’ll be posting more of my favorite fall looks on my instagram in the coming weeks, so make sure to follow me @seamusmk.

Any questions or comments, feel free to write me at seamus@smkstyle.com

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