Cool and Sunglasses: #30folds30days, Rising Peak Fold, Day 25

Some days, I walk out the door, and I know that I have it. Whatever it is, I got it. The sun shining, a fresh pair of shoes, and a well fitting suit. It all just comes together, and I feel…cool. Not in a superior way, but in a way that just radiates positive energy. You know when all your jokes hit right? When the timing is perfect, and everything just seems to fit. Cool is a state of mind. And it wears sunglasses.

Maybe sunglasses are important because they hide your eyes. You read people through their eyes, and if someone is wearing sunglasses, it’s like they’re in disguise. It makes anyone a bit more mysterious. A bit more difficult to pin down. And people love mystery and intrigue. So, people love sunglasses.

Sunglasses are a detail that you should spend money on. It shows that you can take care of something expensive and easy to lose. However, they can be a little ridiculous in terms of price, and not always indicative of quality. For example, I wouldn’t spend money on Gucci glasses. For a lot of reasons, but the point is that a lot of designers will lend out their names, and not oversee the making of the sunglasses. Like with shoes, go for the brands that are known for making sunglasses.

Also, there are really a lot of sunglass that should be avoided. For example, the sheild sunglasses. Unless you are attempting to look like you belong in a night-club, avoid them.

Also, Oakleys. Some of them are good, but unless you are on an active roster of a sports team, and actively engaged in that sports competition. And if they’re white, just…don’t. Google “douchebag sunglasses” and see what comes up.

There’s one very obvious classic brand, and that’s Ray-Bans. Either their aviators, or their wayfarers are style classics. The aviators trace back to World War II and were popularized by General Patton. And wayfarers were patented in the 1950’s, The other option is Persol’s. If Steve McQueen goes for them, then how can you go wrong? I have a pair of both…but that’s a bit crazy.

One of my favorite new brands is Warby Parker. You get a pair of quality polarized sunglasses for $95. And you can try on a bunch until you like them. They have shops in a few of the bigger cities as well. Plus, they make only sunglasses.

Sunglasses can all depend on the shape of your face too. For me, wayfarer type shapes look great, and I can get away with aviators (kind of).


But a lot of the bigger frames, or really square shapes just look odd. I’d recommend trying on any sunglasses with a trusted friend before you buy them.

A few final thoughts:

1. Don’t wear sunglasses at night, in a club, or indoors.

2. Don’t wear your sunglasses on top of your head, get a case, place them in your breast pocket, or on the table where you won’t forget them.

3. Don’t have a conversation with someone wearing sunglasses unless they are also wearing sunglasses. It’s rude.

Today’s fold we’re calling a rising peak fold. It requires a pocket square that has a different band around the edges than the pattern in the center.

1. Start with a square. Again, border should be different from the edges.


2. Fold in half diagonally.


3. Fold in half diagonally again.


4. Fold the top patterned part down about halfway over the patterned bottom of the fold.


5. Tuck in the edges of both sides.


6. Turn over to reveal the patterned peak coming over the solid (or other patterned) border. IMG_1448

7. PLace in pocket and arrange.


Hope you liked today’s fold, any questions:

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