Discord and Socks: #30folds30days, Sprezz Prez Fold, Day 21

I was at a concert during law school, and it was a young guy playing an acoustic act in the Berkshires. He was opening for Jonathan Edwards (of Sunshine fame). And he was clearly talented, had a great voice, wrote well, and could play guitar. The one thing was, that his guitar was just a bit out of tune. I think it was either his B string or his G string. They’re annoying and will fall out of tune pretty easily. Here’s the problem. Eventually, I couldn’t un-hear his out-of-tune guitar.

His music, his playing, everything just fell away and as much as I tried, all I got was the discord. That one little bit that was off became the focus of his performance. It was a simple fix, just a quick twist of the tuning peg and he’d have been good.

It’s a lot like that with dressing well. If you meet someone who has an eye for clothes, who knows, the one thing that’s wrong could become the focus of your entire outfit. Something completely unnoticeable, that otherwise would be easily ignored could become the focus of your whole outfit. Again, it’s the details. Something simple, like socks.

Socks are usually the last thing you think about, but are also making a big comeback. It used to be a rarity to see colorful or patterned socks just 5 years ago, while now, they’re very common. Colorful socks are everywhere, and you should feel free to take advantage. Match and/or coordinate them with your tie, pocket square, or shirt.

Suit pants are also getting shorter, and so, your socks become a greater focus.

If you are looking for something more basic, your best way to coordinate your socks is with your pants. Do not match them to your shoes. This is a common mistake. But instead you should match them to your suit pants.

It’s also summer, so don’t be afraid to not wear socks with your loafers. But if that’s the case, make sure you air those bad boys out. Maybe grab some pieces of cedar and place them in those sockless bad boys.

Today is a simple fold, a variation on the presidential fold, that just flips it around and adds a bit of casualness to the fold.

1. Start with a pocket square. I’d recommend cotton. A stitch line works well for this fold.


2. Fold in half vertically.


3. Fold in half vertically again.


4. Fold in half horizontally. Normally you’d use the bottom of the fold, but here, just use the unfinished top.


5. Place into your pocket and arrange. Pick up the corner a bit, play with the levels of the different folds. But try to leave it looking a little disheveled.


Any questions: Seamus@smkstyle.com

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